Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.

Edward Tufte


Strategy & Approach

Often involved in pitches and up-front discovery, I look for insight in client consultation, market and user research and analytics to inform concepts, strategy and project methods.

Info Architecture

Organising data structures, process flows, product mixes and sitemaps intelligently is a huge investment in the success of a site or app.

User Experience

15+ years designing adaptive/responsive sites and applications for corporate and public sector.

Good design maps cognitive elements to elements on-screen.
Great design expands the map.

Nizami LC Cummins


Identity & experience design for individuals & smaller businesses.

I Love designing

for individuals and smaller businesses. From logo to online shop, it's an end-to-end collaboration to launch you, your services and products with brilliant creative and technology.

Most of all

I love innovating with you. Who are your clients and what are they looking for? What's the on-sell from your basic workshop? What links are there between content and product?

15 years industry experience

Means good practice. I work with the best open source, professional tools out there, producing great design that works on all devices.

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