Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.

Edward Tufte


Identity and experience design for individuals and smaller businesses.

I love designing for individuals and smaller businesses. From shaping your logo to the finishing touches of your online shop, it's an end-to-end collaboration to launch you, your services and products with brilliant creative and technology.


With more than 15 years industry experience, I work with the best open source, professional tools out there. That means professional quality design & build that won't fall over next month.


Most of all, I love innovating with you. What's the on-sell from your basic workshop? What's the best way to present your products? Who are your clients and what are they looking for?



Years of experience on corporate projects affords me a highly creative and professional approach to designing your online business.

Identity Design

Big businesses spend big bucks crafting identities. Colour, imagery, typography and copy are your face on the internet. It needs to look good, sending the right signals to the right people.

Product Mix

Whether selling your time or physical product or both, the Product Mix is a crucial part of the design process. Intelligent pricing, product families, on-sells and up-sells encourage repeat sales from an engaged and expanding audience.

Design & Build

Soluna sites (inckuding this one) are built in latest version Wordpress using the class leader Pagelines DMS and/or WooCommerce frameworks. That means your site is future proof, easy to maintain and update, and fully responsive across different devices.

Social Integration

Leverage social connectivity to drive traffic to your site. They may be ageing leviathans, but Facebook and Twitter are still the go-to channels for attracting online attention. Synchronise social profiles with your site to keep it part of the conversation.

About Soluna

Soluna is the work of Nizami LC Cummins. With 15 years experience designing digital experiences from government applications to luxury brand narratives, he loves the focus and all-round nature of smaller, bespoke projects.
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